The University of Jordan tour is a fundamental tour that help students to know more about their career and education choices, in addition to have international exposure on what global universities offer. In This trip we have hosted Helen from Shanghai who studies at the university of New Castle in Australia,

The University of Jordan is the oldest university in Jordan. In this trip we have hosted Ahmad and his wife Nusaiba from Saudi Arabia. 

Horseback riding is a great tour that we do in Madaba. We have done a great tour with Chanya from Switzerland. 

Sometimes just having a great run while seeing the main attractions of the city is the best way to have a quick run around the main attractions. In this tour we have made a morning run around Amman Down Town with Omar from Connecticut USA.

Having a six hours around down town is what is needed to have a great grasp of Down Town in Amman. We have done this tour with Suhaib from Pakistan.  

In this tour, we have done a cycling tour in Amman. This time it was a solo tour, but we are always happy to have a great company. 

Knowing about local talents and visiting local talents, We have visited a local band and heard their music. Ali is the lead singer, our Guest was from Peru who is a couch surfing amabssador, his name is Suki Ruiz.

To know more about local talents, you can visit the local and famous comedy show in Amman. Feras has done a comedy show in the famous Al Shams Theatre.  

To know more about Islam to break some of the sterotypes and some cultural insights on Muslilms culture. Sohaib from Pakistan was our guest for this trip. .

Haruka is Japanease professional who wanted to know more about the Islamic culture, we have taken her in a tour

Amman Comedy Club has organized a Satire writing course, some people would love to come and do the same course, please just be in touch to link you with our latest updates and shows. 

Attending local shows is a good way for entertaining yourself, please see Feras doing as standup comedy show in the famous Al Shams Theatre.

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