Adventures First – Top 10 Restaurants – Amman – November

This is a blog about the top restaurants that you should be trying in Amman in the coming November. Our list is limited but we will explain in full details why these are some of the top restaurants you need to be visiting:-

Hashem Resturant

1. Hashem Restaurant

If you want to see how local Jordanian used to dine on a daily basis, you must visit Hashem Restaurant, the dishes that are served including Hummus and Falafel, this restaurant a representation of where the working class will be dining at the end of the day, it has attracted many politicians ad symbolization of social harmony. It is not your choice for a fine dining restaurant but it is your choice if you want to see how local Jordanian will be having their dinner or breakfast.

Sufra Resturant located in the heart of the old city in Jabal Amman, inside Rainbow street

2. Sufra

If you are into city views and great night vibes, then Sufra Restaurant is your choice, this is the restaurant where you can have a long dinner with a great conversation.

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