Adventure First is a platform that help in making adventure tours accessible  for everyone. 

– Free Accommodation

You can lodge for free in our adventure -house if you has purchased sufficient adventure credits. (We have 3 days, 4 days and 5 days) adventures. 

– Unlimited Range of Adventures

You can design your own adventures schedule based on your interests and what is being offered on a daily basis. 

Unforgettable memories

You will be getting a one minute video for every adventure you do, either with your guide, partner or even family, this will make leave your with a remarkable experience.  


Our Accommodation, at the moment, we have only one adventure house available and it is located near the university of Jordan, we offer, 3,4, 5 days adventure packages. Accommodation Pictures are underneath, Book Now!!

The Living Room is the place where travelers meet, play different games, watch movies, play on video games or just use the Wifi for shier work. Free WiFi, Free Access to Games and movies. 

The bed room is the place where travelers rest from their adventures and have their privacy, Very comfy beds and small desk to do your work. 

We have 2 beds in the room and we are hoping to expand our offering to reach 8 beds in 2 rooms or split into four rooms. Exceptional Service. 

Nothing better than spending a night in the garden with night conversations or just listen to music with others and feel the coziness of the place. Cozy 

Our toilets are well designed to welcome our traveler, hot water, clean, unlimited towels. 

Prepare yourself every morning to go in an exceptional trip with our super guides. 

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