Adventures First – Amman Social Influencers November List

Feras Naser monitor the social influences feed and creative work, he focuses on the value of the content, the quality of the content and the the acceptance and wider adoption of the production. Feras aims to improve the quality of talent in the world. Hoping to unleash new levels of cretivity and performances.

Nadia Al Zubi

The new TV show “Lafah” has reached wide spread popularity, with views exceeding 300 thousands views on youtube.

Nadia has managed, through the help of young people new trends, what interests the upcoming generations.

I was not expecting that driving Yazan Al Nobani for a lunch at MacDonald will be that popular. I always know that men likes their stomach

– Nadi Al Zobi

The show is streamed on Amman TV every week on Thursday at 8:30 pm. I hope will be seeing a greater work in the coming episodes.

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